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Is it Time to Review Your KiwiSaver?

1st Nov 2022 | Mike Bloy


At Lateral Partners, we are big on KiwiSaver. For most, it is arguably the second largest investment of a lifetime, behind a home or other property.

Having considered that, it is predominantly a ‘set and forget’ exercise that may have been initiated at the age of 15 and maybe reviewed once (or not) when it is dipped into for a first home 10 – 15 years later. With over three million Kiwis utilising our national superannuation scheme, the investment made by each individual today could be the difference in the quality of life attained at retirement.

Some would suggest NZ is a little behind the 8 ball when it comes to superannuation and retirement savings. We only have to look across the ditch to see that our Australian counterparts have a compulsory contribution rate of 10.5% compared to our 3%.

On the flip-side, it is great that the government will top up your balance with up to $521 per year if you are contributing a minimum of $1,042 in that same year.

You may not blink an eye when checking your KiwiSaver balance today, but the expected average KiwiSaver balance by the time we hit 2040 is $145k.

We don’t speak for everyone, but we know that if we had $145k today, we certainly wouldn’t put it in ‘set and forget’ mode. The compounding effects of well-positioned investments of that size can generate exponential returns. It certainly gets you thinking about where you should be investing the second largest asset of your life.

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