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We are a leading financial advisory offering expert financial advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Backed by extensive experience in the industry, we have established valuable relationships with our lending partners and can guide you to make your best financial decisions. Our business is driven by transparency and integrity.

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We’ve got the perfect guide for every financial need.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, or seeking to secure funding for a future investment, we’re here to help. Our carefully curated guides are filled with expert financial advice to assist every situation, and our specialist team are here to help every step of the way.

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Property Investment

The Benefits of Pre-sales

Pre-sales are a form of risk management. This is why often it is a pre-requisite for finance and lenders

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Development Lending

Development Funding – what does that look like at the moment?

A recent NZ Herald article referenced the difficulty in the property finance market at the moment. This is not entirely true...

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Negative Interest Rates – will it happen and what does it mean?

A negative interest rate is where the lender pays the borrower for their loan.

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