March 23rd - Isolation – Day 1

24th Mar 2020 | Ben Pauley


From today, my family and I have decided to self isolate. It seemed to me that we might be a little bit ahead of the general public on this one. We had taken our daughter out of Daycare, both working from home & generally avoiding going out if we could.

We sat down and budgeted the next few months, cut some unneeded expenditure and busily tried to prepare a work schedule from home. We are both full time with a 15 month old daughter who is, as any parent can imagine, full on!

Come 1.30pm we realised that the general public would be following suit whether they liked it or not! By Thursday the full nation will be in almost total lock down which (the word we now all love to hear) is completely unprecedented.

In these times there are boundless questions out there at the moment around what to do financially. A lot of businesses will effectively stop trading for 4 or more weeks which puts huge pressure on the owners and staff of those businesses.

Beyond that though there is also likely a long period of recovery ahead. The 4 weeks may extend, tourism is going to take a long time to get back to where it was and the general public and consumer confidence may be stunted for a while.

The good news is that there are ways through this. The government is intent on helping people as much as possible and pushing the banks to all do the same. There are many products and opportunities available to consumers and business owners alike to help them through this period.

There is also a lot of capital and liquidity in the system. Banks are well heeled, other lenders are busily reviewing their books but confident and there are others with capital who are still looking to invest.

We are speaking daily with clients, bankers, non-bank lenders and all sorts of people who are able to help or just looking for advice. It is a really strange world out there and I can’t stress enough the value of having someone to talk to, whatever it may be about.

I personally would love to hear how you are managing your work life balance! After one day of working at home we are still not sure we have it right.

Whatever it is, feel free to get in touch – we would love to help.

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