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Why Invest in Property?

29th Jun 2022 | Lateral Partners


Property investment has consistently been the best way for us kiwis to achieve our financial dreams. Whether it’s purchasing one property to sell upon retirement, or building a portfolio that provides passive income to pass on for generations- investing in property is something kiwis are very fond of.

Tangible investment

Unlike many other forms of investing, property is an investment you can see and touch. When contemplating an investment, you can walk right through the home and have a look for yourself to see if it meets your criteria. Once you own the property, you can schedule regular visits to give you that peace of mind knowing your investment is in good condition.

Easy to understand

Investing in shares can seem impossible to get your head around at times. You may find yourself looking at complicated equations to try to work out the financial position of a company, or trying to understand industries that you have no experience in. When it comes to property investing, we all have a basic understanding. After all, we have lived in homes our entire lives and know what makes up an appealing place to live.

The Power of Leverage

This is probably the greatest advantage of property investing. If you purchase say, a $1M property with a $200k deposit, then you get growth on $1M whilst only providing 200k of your own money. Better yet, you might be able to borrow that $200k deposit against the equity in your existing home. This is the power of leverage, and something we will go into more detail on in our guide.

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